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PHILIATES is dedicated to helping English teachers find well paying, fullfilling, teaching positions in educational institutions and training centres across China.You will find it a better proposition to go through us and find secure teaching positions in China

Why us?

1. We have built up a reputation for total trust and reliability over the past 10 years. We operate mainly in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province and partner Hebei Foreign Expert Bureau since 2013 that is associated with over 200 schools and universities in and around Hebe

2. We work for you and on your behalf. We negotiate contracts with schools and we are transparent in our dealings with you. We get you the best deal and provide total support from start to finish until you are well settled in. It is all about due diligence conducted with great meticulousness.

3. We maintain a list of blacklisted schools whose dealings have not been fair. You can refer these any time. We do not deal with such institutions nor do we recommend you deal with them. We have a team of committed staff members who ease the transition to China and provide standby support 24×7 during your stay in this country.

4. We understand that you will be leaving behind a familiar environment for a new one where you might feel insecure. When you have us, you need have no apprehensions. We put you into a good, paying job and we are there to support you. If you do not find one job to your liking, we will easily find you another. If you have a dispute with your employer, we step in to resolve it.

What we do

We collect resumes from applicants who wish to pursue a career teaching English in institutes in China. We present these resumes to such institutes and negotiate contracts on behalf of teachers. We provide applicants with list of available teaching positions in China. You can pick the school or region where you wish to live and work. We provide full details and background information on that place and that institution. You decide where you work with our expert advice to help you make the right decision. We can arrange assistance and guidance for visa and travel. We help find accommodation for you when you arrive. Normally we arrange teaching positions with schools that provide free boarding in well furnished, clean and decent accommodation.

What you can expect

If you are not careful you can be inveigled into signing a contract that does not get you good pay or decent deal. With our involvement you can be sure you get the best deal comprising of: Decent salary and perquisites
Standard teaching hours of 16 to 20 hours a week and a teaching assistant provided by the school to ease your burden One way air ticket worth RMB 4000 for travel back home if you complete six months and air ticket worth RMB 8000 if you complete one year in a single teaching position in one institute School may provide assistance for you to learn Chinese language. You can expect the same medical care and holidays and perquisites as are enjoyed by the other teachers in the school. You get extreme peace of mind when you go through us and you do not have to pay anything to us. Our services are free. Absolutely! Till date, we have helped hundreds of ESL teachers from all over the world find a new place and a new beginning in China. Our involvement has made the process a pleasant one and our teachers have decided to extend their contracts and stay for longer periods. If you wish to live in the wonderful, culturally rich environment of China and take part in the progressive development of this country, please do drop us a line expressing your interest and we will proceed further to show you how you can teach in China and enjoy the experience to the fullest. A whole new world awaits you. We are the portal.

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